EVAPCO’s “Big Box” ESW4 offers broad flexibility


EVAPCO has introduced the newest addition to its ESW single-cell, closed-circuit evaporative cooler line, the 12-foot by 12-foot , 12-foot by 18-foot, and 14-foot by 22-foot “Big Box” ESW4. The ESW4 is offered hundreds of models with capacities of 115 to 670 nominal tons, and with fan motor sizes of 15 to 75 kW.

The new 12’ wide ESW4’s not only have a wider array of fan motor power options available, but also have TWO separate pump designs available as well as TWO separate coil designs.

The new 14-foot by 22-foot ESW4 was designed to provide optimal capacity and energy efficiency available from the manufacturer’s single, largest closed-circuit cooler cell. With its cross cool internal tube configuration and patented Sensi-Coil elliptical tube design, the ESW4 provides equal or greater capacity than competitive units that are larger in footprint (14’ x 26’) and higher in fan motor power.

The ESW4 was developed specifically for high tonnage applications such as data centers, process cooling, and large HVAC applications – in settings where the lowest energy consumption is used by the fewest number of units, connections, and fans.

EVAPCO’s ESW4 has the highest IBC rating in the industry, is available with factory-mounted water treatment, water silencers in the redistribution basin for the lowest sound level, and the new stainless steel option for both cold water, and redistribution basins.

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