Closed Circuit Coolers - Evaporative

Incredible cooling efficiency

Easier to maintain than open-system cooling towers, EVAPCO’s closed circuit coolers are an excellent option for any cooling system.

Highly versatile, the coolers have a variety of applications, from cooling industrial process equipment to maintaining temperatures in data centers and computer rooms to chemical manufacturing.

Experience dramatically reduced water consumption with EVAPCO's line of eco coolers; each equipped to minimize your water costs, year-round.

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    The new 14’ x 22’ ESW4 was designed to maximize capacity and optimize energy efficiency in EVAPCO’s single largest closed circuit cooler cell available.
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    Especially suited for indoor and ducted layouts and provided a unitary, compact design for tight layouts or height-restricted areas.

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    The standard in low-sound, centrifugal fan, forced-draft closed circuit coolers, these units are especially suited for indoor and ducted layouts and are ideal for exact replacement projects.
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    The original Advanced Technology closed circuit cooler provides an induced-draft, axial fan solution for a wide array of outdoor cooling capacities.

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    With the highest dry bulb switchover temperature in all EVAPCO products, the eco-Hybrid is the ultimate water saving solution.

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    The groundbreaking “ECO” Advanced Technology cooler is designed for all outdoor applications where energy and water savings are of utmost concern.
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    An ideal solution for indoor applications, confined layouts, low sound requirements, and direct replacements.
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    A unitary, compact design for tight layouts or height-restricted areas.