Hybrid Cooling 101

What is hybrid cooling?

Hybrid cooling combines dry and evaporative cooling to provide heat rejection and reduce water and energy consumption.

Globally, we are all becoming more conscious of our water consumption as freshwater is recognized as a critical natural resource; utilizing hybrid cooling solutions where applicable can dramatically reduce annual water consumption.

Application in cooling towers

EVAPCO’s state-of-the-art research and development center works tirelessly to provide the best hybrid cooling solutions to reduce your facility’s water consumption, and thus your operating costs.

Although there are several forms of hybrid cooling within the cooling industry, EVAPCO offers two unique cooling solutions: a dry cooler with wet trim, and an evaporative cooler that runs both wet and dry.

Dry cooler with wet trim

hybrid 101 atwb-h evapco

The method of choice for anyone whose top priority is water savings, the dry cooler with wet trim puts the dry cooling coil in series with the evaporative cooling coil; the dry coil is a persistent part of the cooling system, rather than alternated on or off. Finned coils are located above the pressurized water distribution system, and alone are capable of handling a significant portion of the unit’s cooling capacity. Process fluid passes from the dry coil into the wet coil located below the pressurized water distribution system, where depending on the current unit load, is cooled through evaporative cooling or continued dry heat rejection. An added advantage of this system is having a significantly higher dry-bulb switchover temperature, enabling the unit to be run completely dry for the majority of the year.

With this technology, EVAPCO is proud to offer two hybrid solutions that stand unmatched in the industry, the eco-ATWB-H closed circuit cooler and the ATC-DC evaporative condenser.

Wet cooler with dry trim

eco atwb-e evapco hybrid

In a wet cooler with dry trim, the unit is capable of running a wet and dry mode simultaneously by having separate spray sections above the coils. The coils can either utilize evaporative or dry cooling, rather than both at once. Depending on capacity needs, the unit is capable of running either entirely in dry mode, 50% of the unit in wet mode, or the entire unit in wet-mode, the end result being a significant drop in water consumption compared to wholly evaporative cooling units.

EVAPCO is proud to offer the eco-ATWB-E closed circuit cooler as an ideal solution to anyone desiring to reduce both water and energy consumption.

EVAPCO has a paramount focus on developing sustainable products and technologies.  We are at the forefront of introducing products that eliminate chemicals from the environment, reduce greenhouse gases, save water and reduce sound emissions. EVAPCO will strive to provide new products which sustain our environment.  Leading the industry with a directive to develop and manufacture innovative and environmentally friendly solutions for our global markets and reduce our impact on the environment.