crosscool evapco coil

One of EVAPCO’s greatest innovations, CrossCool is a method of internally enhancing elliptical tubing to increase the capacity of closed circuit coolers, evaporators, and evaporative condensers.

The grooves inside the tube increase the fluid turbulence, increasing the rate of heat exchange and thus the capacity of the unit.

coils evapco crosscool
Benefits to evaporative cooling

Incorporated into the Thermal-Pak II®, Sensi-Coil®, or Ellipti-fin® coil, CrossCool increases unit capacity an average of 4% compared to utilizing smooth internal tube coils.

Giving the edge in ammonia refrigeration

CrossCool optimizes performance in evaporators and low-charge ammonia circulators, allowing for equal to greater performance at lower recirculation rates; just another example of EVAPCO reducing customer costs and improving unit performance.