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The Extra-Pak® Ice Coil by EVAPCO represents the first major technological advancement of thermal storage systems equipment in many years. EVAPCO ice coils are constructed of high quality steel and hot dip galvanized after assembly.

These high efficiency ice coils are suitable for all types of large, energy saving, thermal storage systems with field constructed concrete tanks. EVAPCO has developed an ice coil with new technology that builds more pounds of ice per foot of tube (i.e. greater capacity) than any ice coil on the market today.

  • Designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of ASME Code B31.5
  • 0.060-inch tube wall thickness for increased coil life (90% greater wall thickness than other manufacturers)
  • Pressure tested underwater to 400 psig (2.75 mPa)
  • Reliably provides 34º to 42ºF (1.1º to 5.5ºC) chilled water at all times
  • Reduces energy costs by shifting peak electric power and energy use to off peak periods
  • Ideal for urban installations and retrofit projects where real estate or building space is at a premium


EVAPCO Thermal Ice Storage HVAC Solution

In the typical full thermal storage system, the refrigeration system (chillers) generates ice at night when electrical utility rates are typically lowest (off-peak). During the day, when utility rates are higher (on-peak), the ice melts to provide cooling to the building. 

In the partial thermal storage system, a reduced size chiller or refrigeration system operates in conjunction with the ice storage to meet the peak cooling loads. There are several types of partial storage systems whose application is dependent on building loads, system equipment and energy costs. However, many partial storage systems are used to “shave off” peak energy demands to reduce operating costs.

The product technology EVAPCO provides for the thermal storage industry is referred to as "ice on coil". In this type of system, cylinders of ice are built onto the tubes of hot dipped galvanized steel coils. In most systems that use this technology, multiple banks of coils are submerged under water in field constructed concrete tanks.

Coil Construction
  • Each coil is tested twice at 400 psig (2.75 mPa) air pressure under water to assure it is leak free
  • Corrosion resistant with galvanized finish
Counter-Current Circuiting
  • Increases total ice storage of a coil by 20%
  • Eliminates disadvantage of tapering
  • Most efficient use of coil/tank volume
  • Design creates the same amount of ice as can be generated with an idealized constant temperature directly evaporating refrigerant
Extra-Pak Ice Coils
  • Features elliptical tubes to increase packing density by 6%
  • Maximizes surface area using elliptical tubes to provide over 20% additional ice surface area for greater heat transfer characteristics
  • Elliptical tubes offer increased packing efficiency over round tube design
Equipment Selection & Supporting Equipment

Every thermal storage application is unique. The size and quantity of ice coils will vary based capacity requirements, layout, and system design. EVAPCO’s team of Ice Coil professionals is ready to provide personal attention and technical support to custom match the most efficient ice coil in the industry with your system needs.

With the proper information, EVAPCO’s Ice Coil professionals can select the best option for your application. As a worldwide leader in manufacturing cooling towers, evaporative condensers and closed circuit coolers, we are equipped to plan and build every part of your thermal storage solution. Contact one of our EVAPCO Ice Coil professionals and begin designing your custom thermal storage solution today.

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