Condensers - Evaporative

A vital part of any industrial refrigeration system

Equipped with the groundbreaking CrossCool™ Internal Tube Enhancement, EVAPCO’s condensers are more efficient, easier to maintain, and easier to operate than competitor products. 

Experience the increase in efficiency and capacity made possible by EVAPCO's Thermal Pak II® coil, designed to maximize heat exchange efficiency.

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    Forced draft, axial fan models can reduce power requirements by up to 50% over centrifugal fan models of similar capacity. The PMRC Condenser has more capacity than any other forced draft condenser on the market and provides more choices due to its greater number of plan areas.
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    eco-ATC-A condenser
    Induced draft counterflow evaporative condensers featuring signature AT features utilizes EVAPCO's patented ellipti-fin coil technology to offer water savings benefits through expanded dry operation. 122-3846 nominal tons
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    LRC evaporative condenser

    Low noise, low height, forced draft, centrifugal fan design evaporative condenser with a capacity range of 25 to 379 nominal tons (107 to 1633 kW).

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    LSC-E condenser

    Forced draft centrifugal fan condensers are very quiet and ideal for applications where noise is a concern.

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    ATC-E Evaporative Condenser

    Induced draft counterflow condensers comprised of 181 models ranging in size from 50 to 3714 nominal tons (215 kW to 15,999 kW) designed especially for easy maintenance and long, trouble-free operation.