Spring start-up tips for your unit


Now that spring has sprung, it's time to prepare for the cooling season to ensure you have optimum performance, reduced operating costs, no unscheduled equipment down time and no costly or aggravating emergency repairs.

Check out these spring start-up tips:

Electrical Part and Drive Components

Ensure electrical power to the equipment has been disconnected.

•    Check lubrication of fan motors, pump motors and bearings. Lubricate per manufacturer’s instructions.
•    Check fan and pump motors for proper rotation.
•    Check belt tension and adjust if necessary. Belts should deflect approximately 3/4” on induced draft models and 1/2” on forced draft models.
•    Rotate fan shafts by hand to ensure they turn freely.
•    Inspect electrical and piping connections.

Heat Transfer Part

Check condition of cooling tower fill and the coil in closed circuit coolers and condensers. If damaged, call your local EVAPCO Mr. GoodTower® for assistance.

Unit Overall Appearance

Check position of strainer screens and fan screens to ensure they have not shifted during shutdown.

Clean debris from air inlet screens, fans and housings, drift eliminators and the strainer. The pan basin may require cleaning to remove dirt and foreign material.

Check condition of drift eliminators and make sure they are installed in their proper position.

Inspect and clean protective finish. If there are any signs of corrosion, clean the area with a wire brush and apply a coat of Zinc Rich Paint (ZRC).

Equipment Start-Up

Fill the pan basin to approximately 1” below the overflow. Start pump.

Check water level in the pan basin to ensure the proper operating level. Adjust the float valve and ball assembly if required. If the water level is too low air will be entrapped in the suction line and if the water level is too high the pan basin will overflow. The recommended water operating level for all units is listed in the EVAPCO Maintenance Instruction Booklet.

Check spray nozzles for proper spray pattern.
Check operation of accessories, such as basin heaters and discharge hood damper controls.

Follow these spring start-up recommendations and a regular maintenance schedule to ensure your equipment’s optimum performance and service life. Detailed maintenance instructions are shipped with each unit and are available from your local EVAPCO Mr. GoodTower®.