Evapco, Inc. is an employee owned manufacturing company with global resources and solutions for worldwide heat transfer applications. Evapco is dedicated to designing and manufacturing the superior quality products for the evaporative cooling and industrial refrigeration markets around the globe.

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The new AXS crossflow cooling tower puts a new spin on induced draft, crossflow cooling towers with a CTI certified capacity range of 312 - 1,357 nominal tons. Standard construction consisits of G-235 galvanized steel with type 304 or 316 stainless steel availiable for the basin or entire tower. All models are CTI Certified and IBC Compliant.

 As the newest addition to the eco Family, the eco-ATWB-H was recently introduced at EVAPCO’s 2016 Asia Pacific Sales Conference.

The ESWB stands apart as being the most energy efficient and the quietest axial fan closed circuit cooler on the market today. The ESWB is able to provide superior performance as a result of its full footprint patented Sensi-Coil® Technology.